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How to Measure

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Use this convenient guide to take the most accurate measurements for your new, custom tailored shirt from If you find it helpful, fill out the form and print the page for your reference during checkout.

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Please enter your height and weight:

Height: feet inches   Weight: (in pounds)

For all sizes, enter numbers in decimals only: 1/8=.125, 1/4=.25, 3/8=.375, 1/2=.5, 5/8=.625, 3/4=.75, 7/8=.875

A. Neck:

Measure collar from MIDDLE of button hole to MIDDLE of button.

B. Chest:

Measure from seam to seam at the arm holes.

Oversize Extra Charge
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C. Waist:

Measure seam to seam at waist, approximately eight inches below arm hole.

D. Hips:

Measusre seam to seam at hips.

Sleeve Length – Left
E) + F) =
Sleeve Length – Right
E) + F) =
Shoulder: (E+E=Shoulder)

To Get Perfect Sleeve Measurements: Take two measurements.


Half Shoulder (From the center of the neck to the Shoulder Seam please enter in Box E.)

Sleeves (From the Shoulder Seam to the end of the Sleeve Cuffs please enter in Box F .Repeat if necessary with other arm.)

Measure seam to seam.

G. Back Length:

Bottom of collar band down to desired length.

Left Cuff:
Right Cuff:

Measure edge to edge.


Please fill in the following information before you proceed:

How do you launder your shirts?

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