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Everything came yesterday and is wonderful as always! Thanks again for putting the rush in for me!
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How to Measure

Give Us Your Best Measurements

If this is your first time to order a shirt from, you may be wondering how we custom fit your shirt. When you place your order, you will be asked to provide us with your measurements. So, we have created this convenient online Measurement Guide to help you.

How To Have Someone Else Measure You
(You will find simple instructions to get measured.)

How To Measure Your Best Fitting Shirt
(You will find simple instructions how to measure your shirt.)

I Will Select a Standard Size Shirt
(You will find our guide for selecting a standard size.)

I Will Mail My Best Fitting Shirt
(You will find our mailing address plus request any changes.)

Existing Customers!

My Shirt Fit Perfectly

If you have ordered from us before, we have your records and measurements on file. We will tailor your shirts exactly the same as your previous order. If we have any questions, we will contact you. When you order your next shirt online, just click the "My last shirt fit perfectly" option.

Update My Measurements

If you need to alter or add to the measurements we have for you, just click the "Update My Measurements" option when you check out.

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