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Hand-tailored Details


Our Jackets

All our jackets come with the following standard details for which we are very proud. Standard details like:

Extra Pockets inside the jackets.

Pen hole pocket.

Pockets with flap/button/button-hole
for carrying important and valuable items from being pick pocketed.

Exclusive interior details created with silk lining piping for an elegant look inside the jacket as well.

Arm Holes with fabric shield
to protect the jacket – this will give you many years of long wear.

We put our name inside the jacket showing that it was especially made for you.

Extra buttons are provided.

Real button holes on sleeves


Hand crafted lapels for an elegant look.

Pockets can be made with flaps or no flaps.

If you like you can put flaps inside the pocket and
the jacket will look as though it was made without flaps.

Hand-stitched button holes.


Gripper Waist Band | Cuffs | Crotch | Belt Loops | Back Pocket


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With our custom made clothing, you are guaranteed to find the fabrics, styles, and colors that you absolutely love. We are a Hong Kong tailor and personally hand-stitch every single item that you request.