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Tuxedo Shirts – All Options

Just like formal Tuxedo's we carry excellent selection of fabrics for Tuxedo Shirts also. Fabrics like Sea-Island, 2 ply cotton's and many more. Please note prices do not include shipping and handling charges.

Remember we do not charge extra for many standard details like: Monograms, Stays-Permanent or Removable, Long Tails, French cuffs.

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Collar Types

Wing Tip Collar

Classic Medium
Spread Collar
2 7/8" Long
1 3/4" High Back

Band Collar
1 1/4" High

Point Length & Collar Back Height

Collar Point Length:
1" - 4"
Collar Back Height: 1" - 2 1/2"

Collar Cuff & Stitch

1/4" Stitching

Classic stitching is 1/4" away from the edge.

Edge Stitching

Edge stitching is along the edge. We recommend this for tuxedo shirts.

Long Sleeves Cuffs

Square French Cuff
Size: 2 3/4"

French Cuff Rounded
Size: 2 3/4"

French Cuff Contoured
Size: 3"

Front Body Styles

1" Pleats

3/4" Pleats

1/2" Pleats

Bib Front w/
Diamond Pique

Bib Front w/
Stripped Pique

Plain Fly Front

Back Styles

Plain Back

Side Pleats in Back


Monogram Location: Cuff, Chest, Pocket, Stomach
Monogram Color: Our Choice, Same Color as Fabric, Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Lavender, Maroon, Navy, Red, Tan, Yellow
Monogram Initials: Choose from any of the styles below.

Script Straight Across

Script at an Angle

Diamond (Last initials in middle)

Block Letters at an Angle

Block Letters

Fancy Diamond (Last initials in middle)


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$139 to $229


Select from over 2,000 Fabrics

Feel the Quality of world's best shirting fabrics.

  • Business shirts in cotton poplins, oxfords and sea-island 2-fold cotton 100s or 140s
  • Formal dress shirts for evening wear; informal weekend shirts in Oxford cottons, plain contours or country checks
  • We carry a complete range of fabrics to compliment every lifestyle and budget.
  • End on End Two Ply 140s:
    A lustrous, high quality cotton. Two individual threads are twisted together to make one yam and tightly woven creating a very smooth, strong cloth.
  • Gingham Plaid Egyptian Cotton:
    Soft, strong and durable cotton makes this a perfect casual shirt.
  • Striped Two Ply Egyptian Cotton:
    High quality cotton grown in Nile Valley. Soft, strong and durable.
  • British Striping Long Staple Cotton:
    A balanced even stripe in a strong cotton. A perfect suit shirt that looks great with a white collar and cuffs or as is.
  • Pin Point Oxford Two Ply Cotton:
    The strength of the fine double ply yarns woven in a tight basket weave give this shirt a smooth feel and a dressier look than a plain oxford cloth. offers 15 collar styles, 9 cuff styles, 3 short-sleeve styles, 5 pocket styles and several monogram styles. You can even order one trial shirt for your satisfaction. This is our guarantee that you will be pleased.

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