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Why a Hong Kong Tailor?

Hong Kong Tailor

What many Americans don't realize is that Hong Kong is one big garment district. The skill of clothing makers in this region is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. While fashion may be designed elsewhere in the world, it's almost always brought to reality in Hong Kong. That's why uses a Hong Kong tailor for their fine garment creation.

As suit and dress shirt tailors we look for the finest professionals to bring our vision to life. In Hong Kong nearly half the labor force is employed in the garment industry, driving up competition and driving down prices. What this means for our customers is the best possible quality at the best possible cost. Shop our selection of

  • Suits
  • Shirts
  • Top Coats
  • Western jackets
  • Slacks
  • Vests

And more to create a one of a kind, perfectly fitted wardrobe. Clothes do indeed make the man. For the best place to get those clothes, come to

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More Than Dress Shirt Tailors

Dress Shirt Tailors uses Hong Kong craftsman to create our garments. A Hong Kong tailor has many more years of experience than their American counterparts, and they usually specialize in men's wear. Our goal is to create the best possible garment at the most affordable cost to our customers.

While we have a well earned reputation as dress shirt tailors we have expertise in all areas of men's garment creation. Sports jackets, formal wear, and full suits are all affordable and individually crafted to help you look your very best.

Your first impression can make the difference between business success and career mediocrity. Trust to assure your clothing will always let you put your best foot forward and give you that little extra edge on the competition. With friendly, expert customer service and prices you can afford, there's no reason to go anywhere else. - your personal tailor right here on the Web!

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With our custom made clothing, you are guaranteed to find the fabrics, styles, and colors that you absolutely love. We are a Hong Kong tailor and personally hand-stitch every single item that you request.