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Custom Tailored Shirts

Don't let your dress shirt be an afterthought when building your business wardrobe. The custom tailored shirts from are designed to ensure a perfect fit for optimal comfort and fashion. Using precise measurements and a host of options from pocket styles, monogramming, cuffing, and more, you can create custom tailored shirts online for prices that are comparative to retail shops. Take a moment to see how it works, and see about our custom tailored suits too.

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Custom Tailored Mens Suits/Custom Tailored Suits

If you believe that suits are uncomfortable and stuffy, it may be because you have never had the pleasure of wearing one that was properly tailored for your body. The custom tailored mens suits from are not only made from the best materials, with great options and hand stitching from skilled tailors; they are also carefully constructed to fit your exact specifications. Look for these signs of quality tailoring, as detailed on our site:

  • The collar should lay smooth and flat against your neck
  • Patterns should line up across pockets and seams
  • Good custom tailored mens suits carry linings that run full length
  • The lapels should never buckle
  • The shoulder should be softly padded to slant toward the arm
  • Sleeves should be hemmed to a precise length

When you order custom tailored suits with, we ensure that all these crucial details are attended to. You can expect the best fit with quality materials and construction. We also keep your measurements on file so that you can reorder new suits with ease. If your sizing ever changes, we can easily update your file.

Whether you want something contemporary or conservative, whether you prefer a modern suit or lean toward the tried and true basics, we can create a custom suit that will fit perfectly. Browse our site to see your options. Decide which pieces are most important to begin building the foundation of your business wardrobe or order the missing pieces that will enhance what you already own.

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With our custom made clothing, you are guaranteed to find the fabrics, styles, and colors that you absolutely love. We are a Hong Kong tailor and personally hand-stitch every single item that you request.