Everything came yesterday and is wonderful as always! Thanks again for putting the rush in for me!

About GaryTailor.com

Welcome to the Custom tailoring world of GaryTailor.com by Manju's Inc.

Our establishment was formed more than 55 years ago in Kowloon, Hong Kong. We have passed down through three generations the experience and knowledge gained over the years. To this day Hong Kong remains a center for worldwide fashion design.

Our master tailor, Mr. S.Gary himself has over 33 years of custom tailoring experience to his credit. He has the talent & expertise to provide you with a perfect fit and the best personal service. Gary has been keeping customer measurements and records for over 20 years!

Our legacy has always been to emphasize superior quality & guaranteed workmanship by our professional tailors at a reasonable price. We focus on customer satisfaction above all. At GaryTailor.com, we make sure that you, our customer, are pleased with the quality and service we provide. Among our customers you'll find doctors, attorneys, executives, bankers and other professionals.

We have grown considerably in the last few years. Though our factory is still located in the heart of Hong Kong, our US head office is now at a convenient central location in Austin, Texas. We are always within your reach through the web, by telephone and personally through visits by Mr. S. Gary and his team.

Your orders are shipped to your doorstep and we're available by phone toll-free and on the web anytime to answer your questions or help you with information. Our customers give us repeated business. This plus our quality and service is the reason we have been in business for 55 years.

We are pleased to offer you custom fitted shirts, suits, slacks and coats that compare with the best in the world. Once you experience our custom tailoring, you will never be satisfied with second best. Once you see every fabric, every style & every fashion detail, you will never compromise with a rack selection again.

Testimonials from Our Customers

For someone as big as I am, I'm surprised you could make the six shirts I ordered so beautifully. Could I offer you some vodka the next time you visit Minnesota?

– Tschublae "Rusky" Virinoff, Minnesota


I have enjoyed extra pockets inside my suit jacket. My valuables are safe when I travel from pickpockets. I love extra change pocket inside my slacks pockets keeps my change at one place. I was surprised that these were your standard details. I have never seen them before.

– Sam Dowdle, Greenville, MS


I received my custom shirt today and was astonished at how well made the shirt is constructed and nicely detailed. It fits perfectly! The fabric selection is the nicest surprise and is quite luxurious. I am extremely happy and looking forward to placing my next order shortly. It was well worth the wait!

– William P. Ballot, Farmington, CT